Our  Story

Sometime back in 2013,  Peg Schaffer, the Somerset County chairwoman asked the then-Chairwoman of the JFK Club, Shanel Robinson, and Wil Minggia to start a Somerset County Democratic African American Caucus and that is where it all began...

"You may wonder why we are important to the Black community in Somerset County.  Here is why ..."


... And this is who we are ...

Our History

In January of 2015, Will Minggia and Shanel Robinson held their first meeting, elected officers, and formalized a resolution to change the original caucus name from the Somerset County Democratic Committee African American Caucus to the Somerset County Democratic Committee Black Caucus. The name change was done in an effort to include all people from the African Diaspora (Die-a- spr-uh), to encompass all of the Black citizens of Somerset County and to ensure no person of color is omitted. And so we must take this purpose, advance and improve it!


We believe ...

Our Goal

Our goal is to foster open and positive communication within the Black Community, the business community and the Democratic Party of Somerset (SCDC).​

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that matters of concern to the Black Community aren’t neglected or left unresolved within the Somerset County Democratic Party.

Our Vision

The Somerset County Democratic Committee Black Caucus envisions bringing together individuals in Somerset County with roots from the African diaspora and/or those who support the common goals and efforts of  Black advocacy.

In doing so, we serve as the central point for identifying and addressing issues integral within our community and central to the advancement of our people.

As an advocate for Black issues and life, we put forward Black candidates for public service and/or we fervently support them. We also communicate the importance and relevance of issues, which affect the lives, education and economic development in the Black community.

Not A Member? 

SCDCBC Empowerment

We believe the Black Community can and should feel strong and confident about who they are and the work they can do to positively represent their interest in the community and beyond in a responsible and self-determined way.  That is to say, they are quite capable of acting on their own authority to positively impact and improve their community!

Email: scdcblackcaucus@gmail.com

Meetings:  Every 2nd Friday of the month 

 Support Our Youth

The SCDCBC is committed to ensuring that matters of concern to the Black Community aren’t neglected or left unresolved within the Somerset County Democratic Party.  We believe an integral part of this mission is the support of our youth whose success translates into the success of our community and our people.


If you are looking to join this endeavor and make a difference in all our futures, then consider contributing to our Youth Scholarships or joining us at our Annual Scholarship & SCDC Black Caucus Fundraiser event  We eagerly welcome your support for both our youth and our community in this very critical mission.   


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