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Fund Raising

To raise money for the Caucus with the goal of supporting Black candidates.  This includes planning specific fundraising events and activities to support the overall goals of the caucus


To maintain the communication channels between the Caucus and the public utilizing all avaialble delivery channels: mass media,  website, social media, etc.  Ensure Caucus communications are clear, consistent and align with the Caucus mission and goals.

Political Action Committee/GOTV

To direct the caucus executive body's strategic direction with key partners and lead fundraising efforts.  To also manage all voter processes and election day recruitment and retention of voters.

Economic Development

To monitor and direct the life cycle of economic development efforts for the organization.

Youth Development

To direct the development of our Black youth, in assuring that they are prepared to be informed and productive citizens, aware of the political process in Somerset County. 

Crisis Response

To lead the way to connect with key partnerships and carry out the executive board's crisis response plans as they become available.

To celebrate and recognize the important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Educating and raising awareness to those in the community about the many triumphs, contributions, and profound impacts of  Blacks to society as leaders and heroes/sheroes both then and now.  

Black History Month

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